Recommended Products

For the first month after I was gluten-free, it seemed like all I did was read labels. So I’m happy to help you with that task. All of the items listed here are gluten-free, sugar-free, contain no artificial sweeteners, and are my go-to ingredients.

A big shout-out to Trader Joe’s and Bob’s Red Mill for making so many gluten-free products available. While it’s a bit pricey to ship grains, if I’m stocking my pantry it’s actually cheaper than buying individual bags. Plus, most stores don’t carry all their products. If you can get organic rice, do spend the extra money. Rice crops use more pesticides than most other grain crops, getting sprayed multiple times in a growing season.

Whole Foods organic mayonnaise (55 mg sodium /T)
Trader Joe’s Spicy Pepper Sauce (0 mg sodium) (gluten-free but made on shared equipment, not fermented, does contain sugar)
Check out my Twenty Terrific Low-Sodium Condiments e-book

gluten-free rolled oats
gluten-free steel-cut oats
Brown rice
Red rice
Red quinoa
Wild rice

Extra-virgin olive oil
Extra-virgin coconut oil
Unsalted butter (Kerrygold)

NatVia stevia

Agave syrup (very limited use, works well in iced tea, granitas, ice creams)
Honey (try to buy local if you can find it)
Maple syrup (organic if available)
Coconut sugar (for some cookie recipes)
Coconut nectar (for some baking)
Maple sugar (for some cookie recipes)

Vegan cookbooks I like are listed in this post.

Sending products for my review
If you wish to send me a gluten-free, salt-free product, please use my email address to check in. If I am interested, I may or may not write about it on the site. I don’t accept products in exchange for a positive review. If I do mention it, I will disclose that it was provided to me as a gift. Thank you!