Crispy teff bruschetta bites topped with tomato-cream cheese and pesto

Crispy Teff Bruschetta Bites | Tomato cream cheese & pesto | Recipe Renovator

I wanted to create a fun new appetizer for the holiday party season that still fits the migraine diet. These crispy teff “bruschetta” bites are topped with a dollop tomato-and-oregano cream cheese and a mini-dollop of fresh pesto. They have the flavors of pizza and bruschetta, while being gluten-free and pretty healthy. Teff is a […]

Ratatouille with ground beef and spaghetti squash

Ratatouille with ground beef and spaghetti squash | Paleo, low-sodium, gluten-free, migraine-friendly

I love ratatouille, the roasted vegetable dish that originated in France. My friend Angela made an incredible version when we visited her in Provence, and I’ve hoped to replicate it ever since. The key is the freshest vegetables and a lot of your best-quality extra-virgin olive oil. This dish takes a while to prepare, so […]