Pomegranate Slam-It smoothie: The Blender Girl smoothie app is launched!

Pomegranate Slam-It | Blender Girl App

I’m excited to help spread the word that The Blender Girl’s new smoothie app is now available on iTunes for $4.99 with 100 amazing new recipes not available anywhere else (75 to begin, with a new recipe added each week). It’s like a completely new cookbook for only $4.99. The app helps you choose smoothies […]

Garlic-honey toddy for cold and flu season

Garlic Honey Finished | Recipe Renovator

I first learned about garlic honey from my friend Laura’s blog. She is an ayurvedic practitioner and I was fascinated to read her account of making and using garlic honey to help boost the immune system and fight off colds and the flu. I have been using this every morning for nearly a year and […]