Garlic-honey toddy for cold and flu season

Garlic Honey Finished | Recipe Renovator

I first learned about garlic honey from my friend Laura’s blog. She is an ayurvedic practitioner and I was fascinated to read her account of making and using garlic honey to help boost the immune system and fight off colds and the flu. I have been using this every morning for nearly a year and […]

Fig Smoothies, our final Dog Days of Summer post from @foodalovestory

Fig smoothie from Food A Love Story | Dog Days of Summer on Recipe Renovator

Our final sweet post comes from my friend and Ayurvedic inspiration, Laura Plumb. Laura writes a beautiful, informative, and truly inspiring blog: Food, A Love Story. I am always excited to see a new post from Laura, as her radiant energy shines through. For this post she shared a divine fig smoothie recipe. “On my […]

Lemon drop jello shots {vegan version}

Lemon Drop Jello Shots | Vegan | Recipe Renovator

Okay, so a confession. I had never made jello shots before this post, and I have only had them once or twice in my life. But, I saw these really cute lemon drop jello shots on my friend Kim’s blog Liv Life Too, and got inspired to try making them vegan (that is, without gelatin). […]