Strawberry salsa

Strawberry Salsa | Recipe Renovator | Gluten-free, low-sodium, migraine-friendly, paleo, raw

I made this strawberry salsa for my sister when she came to visit two weeks ago, using one of my freshly ripe, deep red jalapeños and cherry tomatoes from my garden. Everyone loved it and asked when the recipe was going to be on the blog. It’s a super-simple salsa fresca that takes less than […]

Roasted red pepper romesco dip

Roasted red pepper romesco dip | Recipe Renovator

My verson of roasted red pepper romesco dip, which is normally made with toasted almonds. I had seen it a while back in Cooking Light, and clipped it to play around with. I subbed in toasted sunflower seeds, took out the salt and included very little vinegar, making this a yummy treat for people on […]