How to make crispy fish fillets

How to make crispy fish fillets | Gluten-free, dairy-free, low-sodium & paleo options | Recipe Renovator

If you love fish and fried food, but think you shouldn’t eat it because it’s bad for you, this recipe is for you. I take you step by step through how to make crispy, delicate fish fillets with lovely homemade spice. They’re pan-fried quickly in organic extra-virgin coconut oil, so any additional fat is full […]

Meatloaf | Paleo, migraine-friendly, low-sodium

Meatloaf | Paleo, migraine-friendly, low-sodium, gluten-free | Recipe Renovator

Since I am back to eating meat on my low-sodium/migraine/modified paleo diet, I have been playing around with older recipes. Meatloaf was always a favorite; I just needed to revise it to fit all the restrictions of my new diet. This version is hearty and flavorful, topped with homemade sauce thickened almost to a paste.