BLT salad with spicy tomato dressing

BLT Salad | Recipe Renovator | Low-sodium, gluten-free, migraine-friendly

If you’re surprised to see me posting this BLT salad, you’re probably not any more surprised than I am. Since we ate plant-based for more than four years, I thought my days of eating bacon were long over. My diagnosis in January of Meniere’s Disease with migraine variant caused me to completely rethink everything I […]

Exotic fresh fruit salad with yogurt sauce for @MeatlessMonday blog hop

Exotic Fruit Salad with yogurt sauce (GF/V) | Recipe Renovator

This fruit salad stands apart due to the exotic fruits—dragon fruit, rambutan, red banana, starfruit—and bubble-gum-pink yogurt sauce that kids will love. Of course it’s gluten-free, vegan, and free of any added sugar or artificial colors.