How to use squash

Fall Squash Assortment by Recipe Renovator

I love squash season. Thanks to Melissa’s Produce, I had this beautiful array of fall squash varieties to photograph and inspire me to create recipes. Some great things about squash: it’s highly nutritious, low in calories, needs no refrigeration before cooking, stores well, and is adaptable to savory and sweet dishes. It’s also dead-easy to […]

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Flashback Fridays: Grapefruit-avocado-kumquat salad

This is a recipe that’s featured in my book Golden Angels, because Buddy Girl was born on an avocado ranch. Here’s the recipe for grapefruit-avocado-kumquat salad. Substitute mandarin oranges or tangerines at this time of year. Today’s post is part of our mission to help you rebuild your health through food and lifestyle choices. Look […]

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