Pomegranate Slam-It smoothie: The Blender Girl smoothie app is launched!

Pomegranate Slam-It | Blender Girl App

I’m excited to help spread the word that The Blender Girl’s new smoothie app is now available on iTunes for $4.99 with 100 amazing new recipes not available anywhere else (75 to begin, with a new recipe added each week). It’s like a completely new cookbook for only $4.99. The app helps you choose smoothies […]

Buddhist temple chicken and rice

Buddhist Temple Chicken and Rice | Recipe Renovator

This post is sponsored by Hinode Rice I made this recipe long before I had a food blog; it was a throw-things-in-a-pot dinner. While it was cooking it reminded both of us of visiting the temples in Southeast Asia. There are often food vendors outside the temples or in the courtyards, so the air is […]