Twelve Terrific Thanksgiving Recipes on sale this week!


If you missed this recipe book last year, my Twelve Terrific Thanksgiving Recipes: Gluten-Free & Vegan is on sale on Kindle this week for only $0.99. All of my favorite Thanksgiving recipes, reimagined to be both gluten-free and completely plant-based. This allows you to cook for anyone on a special diet, making them feel welcome […]

10 Low-sodium Thanksgiving recipes

10 Low Sodium Thanksgiving sides | Recipe Renovator

This will be my first low-sodium/migraine-friendly/gluten-free/paleo-esque Thanksgiving. I already showed you how to make herb-roasted low-sodium turkey. Since many of my traditional Thanksgiving recipes, while awesome, don’t fit my new eating plan, I asked some of my blogging pals to share their best low-sodium Thanksgiving recipes to inspire me! Please click through to their blogs […]

Chocolate pumpkin pie with chipotle

Chocolate Chipotle Pumpkin Pie | Recipe Renovator | Gluten-free & vegan

Last year, I was working on an event called TEDxSanDiego. As part of the team that was organizing the event, we had weekly meetings. Towards the end, right before the event,everyone was really, really tired. I was testing recipes from Hannah Kaminsky’s pie book. So every week, I brought in pie. It was the thing […]