Twelve Terrific Thanksgiving Recipes on sale this week!


If you missed this recipe book last year, my Twelve Terrific Thanksgiving Recipes: Gluten-Free & Vegan is on sale on Kindle this week for only $0.99. All of my favorite Thanksgiving recipes, reimagined to be both gluten-free and completely plant-based. This allows you to cook for anyone on a special diet, making them feel welcome […]

10 Low-sodium Thanksgiving recipes

10 Low Sodium Thanksgiving sides | Recipe Renovator

This will be my first low-sodium/migraine-friendly/gluten-free/paleo-esque Thanksgiving. I already showed you how to make herb-roasted low-sodium turkey. Since many of my traditional Thanksgiving recipes, while awesome, don’t fit my new eating plan, I asked some of my blogging pals to share their best low-sodium Thanksgiving recipes to inspire me! Please click through to their blogs […]

Hemp seed hummus

Hemp Seed Hummus from Super Seeds by Kim Lutz

I am happy to share this recipe for hemp seed hummus from the new book Super Seeds: The Complete Guide to Cooking with Power-Packed Chia, Quinoa, Flax, Hemp & Amaranth (Superfood Series) from my friend Kim Lutz, author of the Welcoming Kitchen blog and book. Here’s my book review. If you haven’t ever cooked with […]