Cookbook review: OATrageous Oatmeals by Kathy Hester

Cookbook review | OATrageous Oatmeals | Recipe Renovator

Last year I reviewed Kathy Hester’s Vegan Slow Cooking for Two or Just for You and loved her recipes. So I was excited to see her latest book, OATrageous Oatmeals: Delicious & Surprising Plant-Based Dishes From This Humble, Heart-Healthy Grain. It’s equally gorgeous and inventive. I never, ever thought someone could come up with an […]

Cookbook review: Plant Power by Nava Atlas

Cookbook review | Plant Power by Nava Atlas | Recipe Renovator

It’s fall, so it must be time for another gorgeous book from Nava Atlas. I had the pleasure of reviewing Nava’s Wild About Greens, and Vegan Holiday Kitchen and her recipes were amazing. So I am certain that this book would provide you with tons more fantastic choices, as it contains more than 150 recipes. […]