Cookbook review: Vegan Chocolate by Fran Costigan

Cookbook reviewl | Vegan Chocolate by Fran Costigan | Recipe Renovator

Most people love chocolate. I really, really love chocolate. I confess I’ve had this gorgeous book for over a year. I was planning on testing the heck out of it, and then my health stuff started happening and I didn’t get to it. And now chocolate is off limits because of the migraine diet. However, […]

Cookbook review: Vegan Casseroles by Julie Hasson

Vegan Casseroles | Cookbook review on Recipe Renovator

I chose this cookbook to review for November because casseroles just seem perfect for fall-into-winter cooking. Julie Hasson has written another beautiful plant-based cookbook, Vegan Casseroles: Pasta Bakes, Gratins, Pot Pies, and More. Julie also wrote Vegan Pizza, reviewed here. We’ll be giving away this copy on Friday November 28th.

Cookbook review: Sunday Casseroles by Betty Rosbottom

Sunday Casseroles | Cookbook review by Recipe Renovator

Today’s review is the homey Sunday Casseroles: Complete Comfort in One Dish by Betty Rosbottom. Casseroles make me think of growing up Lutheran and potluck dinners at church. Any good Lutheran can whip up a casserole, and I’m still in love with the warmth and ease of a one-dish meal. My mom was famous for […]