12 Terrific Thai

12 Terrific Thai Recipes ebookThis e-book brings you my 12 best recipes for Thai food, using traditional and non-traditional recipes. No need to buy a ton of specialty ingredients, I focus on just a few key flavors that make Thai dishes sing.

Complete with an ingredient list explaining which ingredients you need and why. Learn how to make your own stir-fried noodle dishes, curry paste, appetizers, soup, and even dessert.

Includes the following recipes (6 are brand-new, not on the blog): spring rolls with tamarind dipping sauce, tofu satay with spicy peanut sauce and cucumber salad, lettuce wraps with basil, tom yum soup, green-papaya-style jicama salad, rice bowl salad with kaffir lime cream sauce, pad Thai, drunken noodles (pad kee mao), Thai green curry with plantains, twice-baked potatoes with Thai green curry, mango-lime ice cream, sweet sticky rice with mango and coconut-caramel sauce.

Whether you are a vegan for ethical reasons, have gone plant-based for health reasons, or just want to eat fewer animal products, this book will give you everything you need to make delicious gluten-free Thai dishes at home. Of course, you can also add meat if you wish.

In printable full-color PDF format, on Kindle, and multi-touch for iPad. All $2.99.