Reader sweepstakes: Gluten-free Baking for Dummies + kitchen scale + Bob’s Red Mill flour pack

Gluten-free baking giveawayThis week’s giveaway is a must-have for anyone wanting to bake gluten-free! It includes Gluten-Free Baking For Dummies, reviewed here, a Sharper Image Digital Food Scale, a handy refrigerator magnet with the weights of gluten-free flours, plus a set of gluten-free flours to make up one of the flour mixes described in the book. SWEEPSTAKES IS NOW CLOSED.

Bob's Red Mill giveaway packageThe flours from Bob’s Red Mill include everything you’ll need to get started making the recipes in this book (shown here).

Here is this week’s question:
Have you ever baked anything gluten-free? How did it come out?

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  1. Linda says

    I love the learning process of baking gluten free. After about 100 total failures at making bread, I have finally made a wonderful croissant. My life is complete!

  2. Donna says

    I just discovered my two year cannot have gluten and I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed. I have not tried to bake anything, but I am hoping to be the winner of these cookbooks & flour as a good starting place. It has been A LOT of rice this past week in our household.

  3. Blake Nelson says

    I try to cook for my wife, who is celiac, as much possible. One of her favorite dishes I make is gluten-free chicken nuggets. They taste even better than the fast food ones – which I suppose isn’t that hard to do.

  4. Gretchen says

    My 82 year old mother has recently taken on a gluten free lifestyle! Interesting to track the results.

  5. Janet says

    I do lots of gluten free baking. Found a recipe for Wonderful White Bread that is easy and delicious. Another for sugar cookies that my non-gluten free kids gobble up. Also tried some biscuits that were beyond horrible – but that is how we learn. It is worth it because a life without gluten is much better for me!

  6. Jayme says

    I am just getting started with gluten free eating. I have been told you have the best mixes for baking. Can’t wait to try them.

  7. Christina says

    I tried Bob’s GF pizza crust and the whole family loved it! I have tried some GF cookies that have never turned out very well though.

  8. Beth says

    I do a lot of GF baking. Some with great success….others….let’s just say, we learn from our mistakes. ;)

  9. Drena Paulson says

    I made a GF pizza. I used a crust recipe I found on epicurious. It said to use a pizza stone which I didn’t have(do now). Didn’t understand how to handle the dough( do now). Tasted like bad dirt.
    But I always have the pleasure of knowing it’ll never be as bad as the GF lasagna I made with GF noodles. That was gross.

  10. Stacy says

    I made Morning Glory Muffins with raisins, apple, walnuts, shredded carrot and zucchini. I used Bob’s Red Mill All Purpose Flour plus a little xantham gum – yummy!!!

  11. Jenni says

    I have not baked anything gluten-free yet, but since my daughter and I are giving up wheat for lent, I need to learn to! Thanks for the giveaway opportunity!

  12. Linda Gearheart says

    I made fried chicken! Instead of dipping in eggs, I marinated in coconut milk. Then I dipped in coconut flour. I fried in coconut oil. We liked it!

  13. Lisa Patterson says

    A brownie recipe made with a can of black beans in the place of any flours turned out so moist and delicious!

  14. Lisa Patterson says

    Gluten-free girl’s 36-hour chocolate chip cookies with sorghum flour are great but they should be a little underbaked, so they’re chewy.

  15. Lisa Patterson says

    I recently baked Jacqueline Mallorca’s peanut butter cookies with teff flour – two thumbs up from the kids!

    • Lisa Patterson says

      I misunderstood the rules: I’ve just followed Gluten-Free Doctor on twitter as Lisa Patt.

  16. Lisa Patterson says

    I just baked the “Tiny but Intense Chocolate Cake” from the smitten kitchen cookbook, a delicious flourless cake. It turned out wonderfully!

  17. Corina Corrente says

    I have tried many gluten-free baking ideas since being diagnosed with gluten intolerance in 2008. One of the hardest ones was converting my grandmother’s Red Velvet Cake recipe to be gluten free.

  18. Alice says

    Just subscribed to your blog and am looking forward to learning lots from you. I have not done too much GF baking yet but tried the GF Bread mix of Bob’s Red Mill. It turned out very well.

  19. Carsen says

    I literally just found out I am allergic to wheat… today. So, I haven’t yet baked anything that’s gluten free. I’m looking forward to learning the art.

  20. Bella Almaleh says

    I had to learn baking over night after my 4 year old got severe wheat allergy reaction. I had no clue where did this come from but I had to basically overnight change our whole life around. I have tried pancake gluten free recipes and basic breads. I did not have huge success with the bread but the pancakes came out pretty good. Not as fluffy and soft as regular would be. But never at least a pancake. :))))) for me to see that Sunday morning smile again on the face of my boy was all the “bravos” I needed.

  21. Bonnie says

    I just made gluten free chocolate chip cookies that turned out just like tollhouse cookies. This is the first time I’ve had success with gluten free cookies. I make great GF pancakes from scratch.

  22. Gwen says

    My little girl is gluten free and my sister is also. I found it quite frustrating at first when I tried to bake gluten free but I have discovered quite a few really good recipes for muffins, bread, pancakes and waffles that are low in sugar, as well as gluten and dairy free. I think my favourite is a recipe for buckwheat banana chocolate chip muffins. I’ve tried a couple of different buckwheat flours but I think I like Bob’s Red Mill’s the best – it makes the muffins look like they are all chocolate and tricks your mind into tasting so much more chocolate than there really is in the recipe and it definitely gives them the best texture.

  23. says

    I only bake gluten free now. I started with almond flour recipes but that gets expensive so i have switched to the premade gluten free flour mixes. I have tried bob red mill all purpose, mamas almond flour mix and a variety of different gluten free mixes. Mostly bobs red mill pancake mix, cornbread mix, chocolate chip cookie mix. I would love to make the flour mixes from scratch though.

  24. Kathy says

    I have made gluten free pierogi for my husband for the past three Christmas Eves. They are so good that my family thinks they are just as good as the original gluten ones. The dough is slightly more difficult to work with but it is really a matter of finding a good technique to speed up the process. Yummy!

  25. Elaine says

    I have been baking gluten free for several years. My favorite dessert for special occasions is Chocolate Teff Cake with raspberry jam between layers. I make a dark cocoa frosting and press sliced almonds onto the sides. A few fresh raspberries scattered on top add an elegant touch.

  26. jacquie says

    no i have never made anything gluten-free but would certainly interested in trying some recipes.

  27. says

    I haven’t yet tried baking anything from scratch (only went GF this past July). But I have used a couple baking mixes. And as one would expect, some have been much better than others. Pamela’s makes a great cake (made a killer rum cake this Christmas – even my cat liked it). But I found her brownies to be a bit off.

  28. Patti says

    I have baked many gluten free foods , some good, some not so good. Bob’s Red Mill GF Corn Bread/Muffins with a can of creamed corn added to the mix are a hit with my family. We also use BRM GF pancake mix.

  29. Jennifer says

    I started doing gluten free after I was diagnosed with celiac disease. Trial and error and lots of hours trying . I finally found that I should only use Bobs Red Mill flours. The recipes turn out good and flavorful.

  30. Gail Fairman says

    I have just recently started baking some gluten free foods, as my 9 year old granddaughter and my 42 year old daughter have just both discovered that they are gluten intolerant. I have made gluten free bread in my new bread maker and it turned out pretty good but gluten free bread will take some getting used to, as we all love the taste of white breads such as French and Italian made with wheat. I did make some fabulous chocolate cupcakes using Betty Crocker Gluten Free Cake Mix, and icing them with my own homemade chocolate icing. Everybody loved them! I have also made my own carrot cake recipe, substituting wheat flour for gluten free flour, and icing with homemade cream cheese frosting and it was great, as well as my own banana bread recipe with gluten free flour and nobody could tell the difference. I love to cook and bake and hope to perfect some gluten free favourites for my family.

  31. Nicole says

    I have been baking gluten free for almost 10 years. I had a lot of disasters at first. I have learned that all rice blends do not work for what I want. I like to use 60% whole grains (including sorghum, brown rice, millet in various quantities) and 40% starches (some sweet rice and then cornstartch, or tapioca flour) in my current blends. My current favorites are lemon madeleines, cinnamon raisin bread and chocoloate teff banana cake.

    I am also following Bob’s Red Mill on Facebook and subscribe to the Gluten Free Doctor’s newsletter.

  32. Debbie I says

    I have been making gluten free since my son was diagnosed in his Senior year of HS, some things don’t turn out so good, but yesterday, I made a tropical bread loaf and used BRM all purpose flour, and it turned out so good! I have tried numerous flours but this turned out the best. Will definitely keep using…

  33. Darlene Rose says

    I cook and bake gluten/dairy free.I take any recipe and just substitute gf flours and soy milk.Bobs is my favorite to work with.Would love to be a winner!

  34. Stephanie Karran says

    I’ve just been diagnosed with Celiac Disease. I didn’t even try to bake anything for the first 2 months, while I got the hang of eating GF. Now that I’ve got the basics of what not to eat down, I’m ready to attempt some baking.

  35. Jennifer Braun says

    I have baked many gluten free foods with and without success. Cookies are the easiest to make tasty and gluten free. I also make a pizza crust for Friday pizza night that is very good.

  36. ShazInNV says

    I’ve made chocolate chip cookies from one of Elana Amsterdam. Excellent. I’d like to try some of the gf flours and this is a great opportunity to do that.

  37. Belinda Flores says

    I’ve made gluten free biscuits and crackers…both were okay, but could definitely use some improvements.

  38. Belinda F says

    I’ve made gluten free biscuits and crackers…both were okay but could use some improvement!

  39. Maya says

    I have celiac disease but can’t bake GF too often because those flours are not cheap! But I have loved Bob’s every time I used it :)

  40. Darlene says

    yes! I have made raspberry scones, first batch disaster, second batch delish!! I am also on a quest to find a beautiful recipe for sandwich bread…may have found a sourdough one…stay tuned!!!

  41. AbbeyR says

    I have baked and GF cookies and some delish muffins that use coconut flour. The bread I tried to make was a flop but all the desserts were very good.

    We love Bob’s GF pancake mix.

  42. Sandra says

    I made gluten-free fruit cake for Christmas one year…it was ok but dense which I expected. I substituted the all-purpose gluten-free flour one to one for flour.


  43. Anne Henson says

    I have used Bob’s Red Mill GF Cornbread mix and have experimented with GF flours in some of my traditional recipes. It’s nice to have so many options.

  44. teri C says

    I’ve done very little gluten free baking due to the lack of knowledge and the expense of all the ingredients it seems to take to go gluten free. I am not celiac, but my body doesn’t do well with wheat so it’s a challenge. The Dummy book would be up my alley! Love that it’s becoming more available-now let’s make it affordable!

  45. Julianne says

    Any and all of my baking has been translated into gluten free recipes for about two years now. I find that with a little bit of research and advanced planning, along with the right high quality GF baking flour, that results are always perfect! No reason to go without the old family favorites!

  46. Corey Belle says

    I have done a lot of gluten free baking. Most recently, I attempted to make my grandmother’s famous Christmas Braid recipe GF. I used Bob’s Red Mill all-purpose flour and it was good except I accidentally used expired yeast.

    My next project is going to be a GF banana oat bread. I would love to be able to have all these flours since I am a college student and GF flours can get pricey! Also, I have been dying to use a scale, I have heard it really improves baking!

  47. says

    On Sunday, I baked up Gluten-Free Lemony Lemon “Brownies.” They came out so good. I used Better Batter All-Purpose Flour for the base and worked from there. Brought one in for my overly picky teammate at the office and she devoured it, calling it the best gluten-free item I have baked yet!

    I do A LOT of gluten-free cooking and baking because I have to eat gluten-free. It’s a challenge. And sometimes things don’t always work out…but that’s how I learn.

  48. Tia says

    Yes I have baked gluten free coffee cake before from scratch.
    It turned out ok but too dense. The coffee cake is supposed to be really light and airy,
    (I used cup4cup via William Sonoma.)

    Other than that, If I use a prepackaged mix from health food store it
    whatever that is (cookies & brownies) turns out super yummy.

    There’s a gluten free bakery (eatcakecafe) in Diamond Bar, CA that has the lightest chiffon cake imaginable. You would never imagine it was GF.

  49. Polly Bordeaux says

    I recently discovered i was gluten intolerant by blood test. After 4 months of denial, i finally began my gluten-free life and i have not looked back since. I feel great! I’ve never been a great chef so my first attempt to embrace GF baking last Saturday was pretty daunting. I found a recipe for GF muesli mix bars which i wanted to make for an easy, but healthy and nutritious, breakfast option and dedicated an entire day to the “project”. Unfortunately, it didn’t turn out well. I was not able to find all the required ingredients in one day (despite visiting 2 supermarkets and the local bio shop). Rookie error, perhaps? In any case, i have learnt an important lesson about GF baking in Switzerland and the importance of online shopping. I have now placed an online orders for missing ingredients and have scheduled a new date for the project. Those muesli mix bars WILL be mine. Mwahahahahahahaha
    (And i will remember to plan further ahead for GF baking….)

  50. PJ Deskin says

    I have been cooking gluten free for about 18 months now. I love to bake, and have made many bread recipes. Some turn out “okay”, while others have been very disappointing. I only use Bob’s Red Mill flours and have found them to be top quality.

  51. Cassie Lloyd says

    I have been gluten and dairy free for a while now but it was not until this year that I started experimenting with baking. My favourite so far is a toss up between almond butter brownies and lemon squares! The great thing is that no one can even tell the difference taste wise!

  52. Beth says

    I have been baking gluten free for a couple of years now. I have made some delicious things, but I have also made my share of disasters.

  53. says

    I cook GF but have not started using scales to measure. The last thing I cooked was gluten free chocolate cupcakes. Got the recipe online. I didn’t have the millet flour it called for, so I substituted sorghum flour (recipe also called for brown rice flour and I had only white rice flour). They came out great! I am convinced that baking sweet things with gluten free flours is not that hard.

  54. CJ Hunter says

    I followed on Twitter…

    I think my favorite is Gluten-free oats from Bob’s Red Mill. I also grind it into flour and use it in baking!

  55. CJ Hunter says

    I followed you on Facebook…

    I’ve also made Gluten-free pasta and gluten-free cake before.

  56. CJ Hunter says

    My most recent gluten-free expedition was Black Bean Brownies and White Bean Blondies…they were fudgy and fabulous!

  57. S V Scott says

    Just about the only thing I haven’t baked gluten free in the past 5 years is bread. Love Bob’s Red Mill.

  58. Tamara Nelson says

    When I first went gluten free, I tried making Danish pancakes with buckwheat flour (alone). The. Horror. I despaired for my future life!
    Thankfully, I’ve improved immensely, and now make killer banana chocolate waffles, delicate snickerdoodles, and fought-over fudgy brownies, most of which is from GF flour I grind myself. But flour that doesn’t take a day to make on my own is SO NICE, so I’d be ecstatic if I won this sweepstakes!!

  59. T says

    I made Bread Pudding with homemade gluten free bread and it was delicious! No one could tell it was gluten free.

  60. Kris O says

    Everything I make is gluten free for the past 14 months. I use gf flour blends and sweet rice flour most often. Most times things turn out; sometimes a bit gummy though.

  61. jessica owens says

    Was advised today that many of my symptoms often come from gluten intolerance. I am now trying to collect info on gf diets( i am also a vegetarian). This is going to take alot of effort due to the fact that everyone in the house eats different diets. :(
    If it improves my health, then it will be worth the effort!

  62. Shaena F says

    I have baked brownies, cookies, and bread, that I have found gluten-free recipes for. It took a little “tweaking” for the brownies and cookies (especially the cookies), but the bread came out perfect, the first time. The more I make/bake, the more confident I have become in trying new things and making other things even better!!

  63. Jennifer States says

    My first GF baking was Bob’s Red Mill pizza dough. I’m not a good cook, and was very nervous about making it from scratch. It was so easy, even I did not mess it up. I could not count how many of Bob’s pizzas we’ve had since then. It is a regular staple of our GF diets.

  64. Lynette says

    I haven’t baked anything yet as I am very new to the gluten-free lifestyle and am looking for recipes!

  65. says

    I have been baking and cooking gluten free recipes for my girls for 6 months now. Gluten free baking is VERY rewarding when you finally get a recipe that works, tastes good, and that you love it! One of our favorites so far is a Cheese Cracker Recipe and also a recipe I made for Irish Rock Buns! We love this too! The first 2 pie crust recipes were absolutely delicious, the the 3rd recipe was not good at all! My thought to this, STOP while I am ahead! hehehe :) I have a recipe keeping program for my computer, I keep a file marked gluten free to try, and a file marked gluten free we loved! This helps keep me quite organized, so I can find the good, better, and best recipes easily! I can wait to try out the new cook book of Gluten Free Baking for Dummies! I use Bob’s Red Mill flours all the time. My problem is finding all the flours, I have to go to 3 stores to get all the ones I use! But it is really worth it, for sure! :)

  66. Erin says

    The last GF baking I did was corn muffins, they were okay… a little dense. It is harder here in Denver because of the altitude. BUT I did see GF lemon bars at a shop yesterday and they are next on the list!

  67. Renee Richardson says

    I have used Bob’s Red Mill flours to make GF flour blends. I have has mixed success. I am trying to convert some of my favorite holiday cookies to GF with mixed success. Maybe I should get more practice by making cookies more often!

  68. Joella Chudy says

    I made GF chocolate chip cookies. They were pretty good but they
    were pretty crumbly in texture.

  69. Cindy Johnson-DiMarco says

    I went gluten free about a year ago. I figured out all of my stomach pains are directly related to gluten. I haves tried a fair amount of baking. I have had success with sweets but have yet to have success with breads. HELP.

  70. Lori says

    Yes. Recently my mother and I decided to try to modify a recipe for chocolate cake that my mother has made for over 50 years. A homemade chocolate cake for my birthday was definitely one of things I missed most since going gluten free. It wasn’t as difficult as I had feared and it came out as wonderful as I remembered growing up. Can’t wait to try converting more recipes !…

  71. jess says

    I do lots of gf baking – my banana muffins are delish, but I certainly struggle with getting other things to come out okay

  72. Mary says

    I have been baking gluten free for 13 years now, with some bombs, but mostly success. Most recent: blueberry muffins. They were yummy!

  73. Kim says

    I don’t bake too often gluten free – have had ups and downs – I am always searching for easy recipes or adding to mixes…it’s great when something turns out better than expected – downside is when it flops and I am disappointed and upset if the ingredients were expensive! I like simple and easy recipes – one of my faves is a gluten free version of the saltine cracker with chocolate.

  74. Wendy says

    I have made some wonderful doorstops that were gluten free! I do have a french bread recipe that is gluten free that I do enjoy. Such a hit or miss for me!

  75. Deb Rowley says

    I’ve baked several chiffon cakes using potato starch and they were pretty good. However,I tried barley bread and it was hard and flat. I love to cook but do not have much GF experience.

  76. Heather says

    I bake gluten-free deserts a lot and they usually turn out really well. I like sorghum flour and buckwheat flour the best. I also like Bob’s Red Mill pizza dough mix.

  77. Tiffany Stacey says

    I have made gluten free almond cookies with success every time, they are a family favourite :) I am just starting to venture into gluten free this week due to a suspected intolerance but have not used any flours yet, winning this would be great timing!

  78. Laura Fesmire says

    Still baking…still trying. My pizza dough tastes so starchy the next day. My GF bread is so dry and crumbly. I’ll still keep baking and trying!

  79. Janie says

    I recently switched to gluten free, I’ve made some delicious honey cornbread, I made a Betty crocker gf yellow cake, but that one was so dense, not moist at all, I think even though it was a ready to bake mix I should have sifted the mix :-/

  80. VanC says

    I’ve baked a lot of GF items but the one that turns out best and satisfies my soul is Pizza Dough. I’m really lucky, I have a great breadmaker with a GF setting.

  81. says

    I have just started a couple of months ago, following some gluten free sites and pinterest, trying to educate myself on how to make things turn out good. I’ve had some serious failures, but I think its because I’m not sure on which flours to use or put together, but I’m trying. I would love to win the prize of scale and flours, and the chart to help me in my baking.

  82. Shannon says

    I have been wheat-free since the beginning of October 2012… and have been trying my had at different gf items. Pancakes and waffles and coffee cakes are easy, so long as I don’t put too much flax or buckwheat in (my hubby complains). Haven’t yet found a pizza crust I’ve been wild about, but GlutenFreeGirl has a post for one I’d like to try!

  83. Pam says

    I bake gf all the time – chiffon cake, cornbread, bread! Tonight it was gf homemade noodles in chicken soup

  84. says

    If there’s a mix out there then I’ve tried it! I’ve been gluten free for about 8 years now, I switched to gluten free before even being diagnosed because listen caused me alot of issues. Now I have a diagnosis of chrons disease and I’m sticking to my gluten free diet which has helped along the way as much as it can! I have made bread,cookies,pies, you name it ive tried it. I love making chocolate chip cookies & apple cinnamon muffins. I can’t take all the credit though because mostly my mom makes everything for me when I’m not feeling well in hopes ill eat something so winning this would be a bigger present to her than me even.:)

  85. Aimee says

    I have used coconut flour on several occasions and really like it for GF recipes. We are trying to go GF for our son so I have been searching the internet for recipes to try. Thank you for the wonderful opportunity!

  86. Janet says

    My favorite has been chocolate coconut bars and that I made for my son before I went GF. My goal for 2013 is to try more baking, this would be a great way to get me going.

  87. Rosalynd says

    I am very new to gluten-free baking. I have made an awesome chocolate chip banana bread made with quinoa flour and loved it!

  88. Heidi says

    We’re loving eating gluten free in this house and experiment with all sorts of foods. I love Bob’s of red mill flours, and am recently using his almond flours with pretty good results!

  89. Cyndi says

    Yes, I have baked with Bob’s Red Mill GF flours for close to 2 years now! I’m so happy they keep coming out with new flours and mixes that always turn out so well. Most of the time, you can’t tell the GF from the “regular”! My husband and I both eat GF and some of our family and friends are starting to as well! It’s nice to be able to give them start-up hints and recipes. Thank you for sharing the contest on your website, I love trying your writing and food ideas :)

  90. Jennifer says

    I’ve just transitioned to eating and cooking gluten free in the last two months. I have baked quite a few things eager to see how the recipes would differ and if my tastebuds would still be pleased with the new options presented. I must say nothing beats a fresh warm batch of tortillas to go with fresh grilled veggies and chicken…except maybe banana bread. I am SO happy to have found a superb GF banana bread recipe!

  91. kate says

    everything i make is gf, and has been for 5 or so years. i have go to favorites that don’t fail me at this point. my next goal is to work on weight baking because dipping in and measuring all those gf flours is a pain!

  92. Molly Williams says

    I love gluten free baking! I made a gluten free and dairy free apple pie for Thanksgiving, not a single person knew, and it was a huge hit!! Tonight I am making garbanzo bean flat bread to go with my chicken soup…yum. I love my gluten free living life!

  93. Denise says

    I bake gluten free biscuits every Sunday morning. Also, I bake amazing gluten free coffee cake that is much better than the wheat variety, and my banana bread is so good :)

  94. Kelly says

    The first and still favorite is a gluten free chocolate chip banana bread recipe using Bob’s Red Mill GF Flour. Yum!

  95. karen says

    I have been cooking GF for almost a year after my 4 year old was diagnosed with a gluten allergy. We love Bob’s flours and mixes! I would love to win this and would put it to good use ;)

  96. Judy says

    I have made a few recipes that have turned out very well, like Coconut Cookies, Flax Seed Crackers and Almond Cake. A lesser liked recipe was a Chocolate Cake but even though it did not raise and was a moister texture, it was still so much healthier than using wheat!

  97. Linda Grissette says

    The first two attemps weren’t great. Then I found a pecan bar recipe which is wonderful….and have made 3 batches of it. I keep them frozen only get out one bar at a time for fear I’ll eat them all…..and gain 10 lbs!!!!

  98. Bethany Corey says

    I have tried chocolate chip cookies three times, each batch came out flatter and less delicious then the last. I have however conquered GF pie crust using Bob’s All-Purpose flour, butter and water—this can also be used as a pastry crust and is a go to for me! Hoping to get cookies down soon!

    • Mary says

      Try the Land of Lakes site. They have a very good GF chocolate chip cookie recipe that my family prefers over regular flour. They also have a good snicker doddle and cut out cookie recipe.

  99. Amy Reed says

    I have been eating gluten free for about a yea.r. I have 3 children and a husband who do not need to be gluten free. However, they enjoy many of the gluten free things that I bake as well. We especially love Blueberry muffins and whoopie pies.

  100. Sarah Allen says

    I have baked a couple of times using Gluten-free products. The first time I baked it was ok but did not turn out quite like I wanted. Was very dry and dense. However, the second time around I had more success. I made a Red Velvet Gluten-Free cake for a 50th Anniversary celebration . I have to say this was the most time consuming cake I have ever made! So many ingredients and so many steps were involved. The cake was great and super moist. Special ingredients such as avocado’s and whipped egg whites helped make the cake very moist and fluffy (or as fluffy as you can get being gluten-free;) I have kept the recipe and will use again for the next person I bake for that needs gluten-free.

  101. Michelle says

    I have only baked GF a few times from scratch and they have not come out well. I am still learning on how to bak properly with GF items. I love to bake and hopefully I will get a hang of it soon!!

  102. Heather says

    I made GF shortbread cookies with black currant jelly centers from scratch yesterday. They tasted great but were a little too delicate.

  103. Kristen says

    I’ve done some GF baking with my mom. Some things turn out well, and some don’t. It’s been a bit of a trial-and-error process! I’d love to have these goodies though — thanks for a chance at it! :)

  104. Erin says

    I bake GF often. We LOVE chocolate cake using Bob’s All-purpose GF Flour! Would SO love to win!

  105. Ann says

    I make the most unbelievable gluten free homemade chocolate chip cookies with brown rice flour. The best part is that I am an educator and I have the kids and my colleagues hooked! They do not even know the difference!
    Go Gluten Free! :)

  106. Erika says

    I have made a lot of things gluten free. My favorite are gluten free, egg free, and dairy free chocolate chip cookies. They are so yummy.

  107. Jackie says

    I just baked Bob’s Red Mill Brownie mix and they turned out great. I have tried some of the expensive flours and didn’t have much luck. The things I have made with Bob’s all purpose flour and gluten free Bisquick have all turned out great.

  108. Carmen Pease says

    Q: Have you ever baked anything gluten-free? How did it come out?
    A: Most of the time I have really good luck with GF baking. I have been GF for about four years now and for the last six months I have been baking bread on a weekly basis and usually one dessert a week for my family. Today I made challah bread for our dinner sandwiches tonight. Learning to use the ingredients available to us is really the key! Texture, weight, and flavor are all important elements to consider with really good GF baking!

  109. Summer says

    I’ve followed all the pages on Facebook (Summer Conley Payton) and all three on twitter (gogeyi_uweyvi). And I subscribed to your newsletter.

    I’ve been baking gluten free for a few years now. I’ve followed many good recipes with great results, but my own personal success was a recipe I created for a gluten free pot pie crust.

  110. Linda says

    Starting week 3 GF, and boy oh boy such an eye opener!! Lost and feeling a little overwhelmed at times, I stumbled into a health food store for some guidance from some staff and they immediately took me over to Bob’s shelf. If you are just starting out we recommend “the all purpose baking flour” & get some Xanthan gum (you’ll need it)!! Only because I have no idea what everything else tasted like, and it was a good starter. Craving something sweet yesterday, because I had given everything up that I liked (Ie: cookies) decided to make some…Oh no, I said…are these going to taste the same? Everyone always said GF tasted like sawdust and that stuck in my head. Gave my mom’s recipe a try, making some changes along the way (of course). Low and behold, they came out looking the same – but the taste and with fingers crossed I took a bite. Not bad….not bad at all. In the freezer they went, because I my will power is none existent at the moment. Next step is to branch out and try making more things with “Bob’s” help and if you have any suggestions I would love to hear them… My ears are open and I am ready to learn. Not sure how to mix things together, but can be a tester if anyone is looking….. Best of luck GF friends!!

  111. Jodi says

    Love gluten free – just made gluten free vegan cookies the other night and they turned out great! Can’ t stop eating them.

  112. Tammy says

    I began teaching myself to cook and bake gluten-free a year and a half ago when my fiance and his two sons moved in. Celiac runs in their family. My first attempts were with gluten-free bread machine mixes. I found out which ones turn out best on a full baking cycle and which ones turn out best on a quick-bake (80 minute) cycle. I make great gluten-free bread now! Cornbread has been more difficult. The mix that turned out the fluffiest was way too sweet, too much added sugar. But I haven’t tried Bob’s cornbread mix yet, I’ll do that next for sure!!!

  113. Niv says

    I bake Gluten free recipes using the wonderful recipes that lot of GF bloggers post. Most recipes use Bob’s Red Mill products and it will be good to win this sweepstake.

  114. Natasha Samia says

    Just getting into GF cooking-hubby wants to try it for health reasons. Have tried biscuits, which came out very well and chocolate muffins-not so tasty, they need some alterations.

  115. Katerina says

    Wau, I love Bob’s Red Mill… I bake gluten-free for about one year and the beginnings were so hard! But just this weekend I was so proud of everything I baked (so tasteful)..I have realized you can do everything gluten-free if you try!

  116. Colette Bolster says

    I bake GF all the time. I do breads, muffins, cookies, cakes, and any other dessert that I might want because I love desserts! I have had both hits and misses, but if something isn’t perfect I don’t get discouraged because I usually learn something from the experience anyway.

  117. Tanya says

    My daughter is celiac and our whole house eats gluten free to keep her safe. Some recipes are dreadful while some others have turned out really well. Still just trying to figure this whole gluten free thing out!

  118. Evelyn Turner says

    I found a recipe in the paper for gf peanut butter cookies. So easy and even my non-gf friends and family love them. 1 cup of pb, 1 cup of white sugar, 1 egg, 1 tsp vanilla. stir, drop by spoonfuls on baking sheet, press with glass, criss-cross with fork, bake at 325 degrees for 11-12 minutes. makes 2 dozen. All pantry ingredients!

  119. Tina Seybert says

    My son has celiac disease so I have been learning how to bake gluten free. I’ve had a few successes and the inevitable failures along the way!

  120. Holly Gault says

    I’ve liked all three sources on Facebook and all three on Twitter (I’m Hooman Bean on Twitter).

  121. says

    I bake gluten free goodies all the time but definitely have the most luck with scones and cookies. Breads and cakes are iffy~ some of my loaves have come out rock hard and my cakes tend to fall apart.

  122. Holly Gault says

    I’ve been baking gluten free for about twelve years and have had a lot of successes and a number of failures. Today I made some biscotti that have turned out quite well and made some yeasted waffles over the weekend that were outstanding. I am almost always disappointed by yeast breads with the sole exception of English muffins.

  123. Sue says

    I bake all the time using my own mix of flours. My family like my GF cookies better than the ones I used to make!

  124. Susan S. says

    I bake gluten free often, since my husband is Celiac. I have perfected a banana bread recipe using a mixture of Bob’s flours….brown rice, sweet white rice, oat flour and tapioca starch.

  125. Lori says

    I have made many gluten-free recipes such as baguettes, pancakes, chocolate cake, corn bread and biscuits. I am always on the look out for new recipes to try and new products.

  126. Denise Fedor says

    I bake gluten free Right now I have g free granola clusters in the oven. They smell devine! I think they will turn out!

  127. says

    I am gluten free and bake all the time (with varied results). Mostly it turns out great :) my favorite are gluten free chocolate cupcakes of course!

  128. Galen says

    We are a gluten free, vegan house. I am always experimenting with flour blends to find the best… My favorite recipe has been my Quinoa Bars. My favorite flour so far is Sorghum… its a really nice taste so it is the base of pretty much all blends I try. We do make a killer Banana Chocolate Chip muffin to..

  129. Naisula says

    Yes, I have baked gluten-free, dairy-free, egg-free chocolate cupcakes multiple times for two different girls with food allergies! My son has multiple food allergies (but no allergy to wheat) so I’m sympathetic to those who can’t have treats like many others and I enjoy baking. The girls love them, I think the cupcakes are decent, but could be better. I’m interested in trying out a different flour mixture to give a heartier texture. I think the mixture I’m currently using is a little too fine? Thanks for the chance to win!

  130. Dana michaelsen says

    I found out in June that I have to be totally gluten free and gave up on baking for a while. Then during the fall I really missed baking and have tried several recipes, some good and some bad! The one thing I have made that I really loved was a GF Olive Oil and Orange cake…it was FANTASTIC!
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  131. Neva Hanson says

    Yes, I have been baking gluten free for a few years. Still having problems making bread in the bread maker. Would be a great book to have.

  132. Margaret Danielson says

    Yes, I made Toll House Cookies. They were delicious and I fooled my coworkers with them. No on knew they were GF.

  133. Gareth Mitchell says

    I’ve done most of my baking based on old recipes from my family modified to be gluten free. I want to try my own flour blends, but I’ve been stuck (really, finding it easier) to use the pre-blended flours. My latest baking was gf vanilla cupcakes with cream cheese frosting. They turned out pretty good, but they were a mix.

  134. April Copeland says

    I baked 4 loaves of Gluten Free French Bread yesterday – and they are/were wonderful!

  135. Holly says

    I have baked several things. Some good – cheddar biscuits using GF Bisquick, some not so good – pie crust!

  136. Karen says

    I bake lots of gluten free stuff, but definitely gluten free muffins every Saturday and gluten free pasta for Sundays!

  137. kate mackay says

    I am learning to bake gluten free. I have made gingerbread and cookies and an apple cranberry cake that was delicious. I get frustrated sometimes because lots of recipes call for corn flour or nut flour and I can’t eat either. Many mixes have those ingredients as well. But I am learning better how to mix flours. And I feel so much better since I quit gluten it is all worth it.

  138. Amy says

    I’ve baked many things gluten free. The things that have come out best were those I made after switching to using a scale. I’m currently most interested in recipes without xanthan or other gums, which bother my gut as much as gluten.

  139. says

    My partner has celiac disease, so I’ve experimented with gluten-free baking for a while now. Our food co-op sells an all purpose mix that I can use in many recipes with only a little adjustment. My favourite thing to make gluten-free is tart dough, because my partner is a big fan of savoury tarts and quiches.

  140. Chrisanna Doyle says

    I make oodles of gluten free food (3 years now)- and it turns out great! Everything from crepes, biscuits, waffles, flatbreads, to a 13 layer cake! The biggest part of Gluten-free baking is understanding your ingredients and what role they can play in your meals! I’m excited to be ‘introduced’ to your blog via “Gluten-Free Girl”

  141. Carol says

    Yes, I baked egg, milk free, almond flour chocolate chip cookies, from Real Sustenance, that were awesome!

  142. Laura Jones says

    I help cook and bake for a US drumcorps, and I am looking forward to learning more recipes to create good food for our gluten-free members. So far, I have just baked things from gluten free mixes!

  143. Andrea Paton says

    everything that I bake for me is gluten free, and has been for the last 14 months. The first thing I baked gf was Bob’s corn bread, it was so good.

  144. Jill levine says

    I love to make lemon cupcakes using Bob’s Red Mill flours and the recipe from the back of the corn flour bag. Would love to win.

  145. Caryn says

    I recently made some GF muffins from a mix, and they were delicious, but very fragile. They crumbled easily. We still very much enjoyed them despite their ability to hold up.

  146. CSD says

    We have baked many gluten free things. Some are good, some are bad. So far our favorite flour mix is by Pamela’s.

    • Karen G. says

      I have baked gluten free pancakes and pizza crusts — both Bob’s Red Mill mixes! They were easy and good.

  147. Linda Bauchwitz says

    The first time I baked gluten free it was Gluten Free Brownies and they turned out absolutely amazing. My family couldn’t believe how good they were so now I am hoping to expand my horizons with more GF goodies.

  148. says

    I have baked several things now Gluten Free… I think the most successful attempt was actually right when I was told I HAD to go gluten free. So I looked up a cookie recipe to try with a home made flour mixture that I followed exactly. Those snicker doodles were awesome! Although, it was very difficult to get everything just right. I have tried some mixes, etc, but I am still trying to get the hang of the correct proportions for each recipe. My heart goes out to new Gluten Free goers! It is not easy!

  149. Dee says

    Oh I would so love to win this!! I have never owned a kitchen scale and would love to bake GF by weight!!

  150. Liz Shiro says

    I love baking and when I started eating gluten free, I had to figure out a way to still enjoy my baked goods. At this point I have not succeeded at making sandwich bread but I make delicious muffins, cookies, and cupcakes. I would love to start my own GF bakery! My favorite recipe I adapted to be gluten free and vegan is my Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Bread. Yummy!

  151. mary garrison says

    My brother found out about a year ago that he had a Gluten allergy & I always have Thanksgiving Dinner. I was a bit nervous making our family stuffing with his “special” bread – but noone ever knew the difference!!!!!

  152. kay says

    i am new to the gluten free scene . i was baking my own bread regularly before. (sigh) now i am lost in the chemical world of GF baking. Nothing is familiar and i am frustrated and disappointed. I would love the help of this prize pack!

  153. Jason Carlson says

    I have made GF pancakes. They turned out well, just not as fluffy as the gluten filled ones. It was also interesting that the GF ones cook at a much lower temperature.

  154. GL says

    Our first attempt at gluten-free bread baking was just yesterday! We made Cinnamon Raisin Bread using many of the Bob’s Red Mill flours. It turned out fantastic. We are new to the gluten-free world and glad to find that strict gluten-free won’t mean delicious baking-free!

  155. Alice says

    I made Gluten Free Apple Crisp. It turned out really well. You couldn’t really tell any difference from regular flour recipes.

  156. Joan S. says

    I am gluten free so I have done some baking and cooking. Most have turned out so far. I would rather make things from scratch than to buy packaged mixes that are labeled gluten free. I had a brownie mix that didn’t taste all that great.

  157. Cathy says

    I have been gluten free for 6 months. I love Bob’s flours . I’ve tried a bread recipe and a blueberry cake recipe. Both were great. I also make an oatmeal bar using Bob’s Gluten free oatmeal. These are my favorite. One is chocolate flavored and the other is a cinnamon nut flavor.

  158. Kat O says

    I’m new to your blog but I’m loving it! I’m now following the GF Dr and bob’s red mill in addition to your on FB and Pinning away!!

  159. Kat O says

    I’ve made several and usually rather good, especially my favorite cobbler recipe. But the Betty Crocker cupcakes I tried with xantham gum turned out really dense and tasted like too thick bread roles or something.

  160. says

    I’ve made flourless peanut butter cookies, Nutella cookies, and recently made Bob’s Red Mill Cornbread but as muffins instead of a cake. (I ended up with 42 – the answer to Life, the Universe and Everything) *grin*

    I also have made gluten-free pancakes from a store-bought mix. I toss in a bit of vanilla.

    My family loves them!

  161. Kathy S says

    I’ve made several things gluten free. Some are great, some end up in the garbage can! I’ve got bread dough I’m going to bake up today – sure hope it turns out!

  162. says

    I have been baking gf for 17 years Flours and mixes have improved greatly. I use various mixes and often mix my own flour. Sorghum flour is one of my favorites. I also like the whole grain corn flour from Bob’s Red Mill and their whole grain hearty bread mix. Tastes like pumpernickel bread. Bakes beautifully.

  163. Pat Morrison says

    I have been gluten free for many years now. Most of the things I made in the early days were disasters. Things have really improved in recent years, better products, more selections, I can even buy a microwave gf meal now!
    One of my favorite recipes, especially during the holidays, is Pumpkin Roll. Even non GF people love it.
    This year I made it with a new flour blend and the texture was harder. I usually use Bob’s Red Mills All Purpose Flour and I am returning to it.It really is the best I have tried.
    I appreciate all you do for the people who must eat GF. THANKS

  164. Tammy Lang says

    Ok, so my final comment. I have a child with Complex Developmental Behaviour Condition. I am working toward transferring him to gluten free. This is to improve his diet health and change his food intake as he has SEVERE food aversions.

    So far we have successfully made muffins, pancakes, crepes.

    I am not courageous enough to try bread.

  165. Mary Hal says

    I ONLY bake gluten free. I’ve used Bob’s Red Mill products and I love them–they’re easily available in my regular grocery store (like where I buy my toilet paper and milk), so I don’t have to go to a out-of-the-way place to get it. However, I’ve found it easier to just order it online. They’re delivered to my door and having them on hand inspires me to bake. Okay, it’s usually chocolate chip cookies (which turn out too delicious), but I am inspired to bake. :-)

    • says

      You always have the greatest giveaways, and this one is the best! Thank you for a fantastic and wonderful Blog. You always have something very interesting to post!

  166. Monica says

    I love Bob’s Red Mill! When I was diagnosed with Celiac, gluten free food was not readily available like it is now. Your mixes and flours were Heaven sent! Once I found your flours I was able to make dishes I had been doing with out. Your cinnamon raisin muffins or hot & tasty (my oatmeal replacement) were my breakfast! I follow your web page for recipes, facebook too! I would love to have a kitchen scale!

  167. says

    We have just started to go gluten-free in a lot of our bread and pizza doughs, we eat a lot of it and thought we should start making more healthy recipes. Winning the giveaway would be so wonderful to help on our gluten-free journey!

  168. Michelle says

    I love all things ‘Bob’s Red Mill’. My first couple attempts at gluten free baking were a bit questionable, but now, about 8 months in, I’m able to approach baking with confidence and enjoy the outcome! Thanks BRM!!

  169. Amy says

    I’m new to gluten-free and I baked a batch of cookies one night when I was studying. For my first attempt, they were the amazing chocolate chip cookies I was looking for to snack on! Awesomely made with Bob’s Red Mill products. Have been using BRM since I lived in Portland when I was a child! <3

  170. Jenny Gabbard says

    I never say , ” I can’t have that anymore” I just substitute the flour with GF flour and add some xanthum gum and eat it!

  171. barbara says

    I have made Bob’s Red Mill gluten free brownies from a package and they were good. Tried making them from scratch and they were not so good. lol

  172. Holly Y says

    I love that your products are gluten free and healthy as well as peanut safe. I just discovered your site today and can’t wait to try some items!

  173. Don Lawler says

    Diagnosed celiac sprue Nov with long history of diabetes we have been baking a lot with mixed results. We are also avid cyclist.

  174. Karen says

    I bake gluten, dairy, and soy free exclusively. When I first started I had some failures but I’m doing pretty well now. :^) Love how the house smells when baking…. Favorites? Bread. I’m on a flatbread kick these days.

  175. Elizabeth Hogueison says

    We have made pizza with Bob’s Red Mill Gluten-Free Pizza Mix & also the Corn Bread Mix. They are delicious! My youngest son was recently diagnosed with Celiac Disease & we are in the process of getting the rest of the family tested. Have not tried making anything with a gluten-free “from scratch” recipe yet…but would love too!

  176. Jeni B says

    I am GF because my stomach can’t handle the gluten, my cousin is recently diagnosed GF and my daughters are too. I would love to find a gluten free Mac N’ Cheese that is delicious and extra cheesy like the one I USED to enjoy.

  177. Dawnda Hurtt says

    I make LOTS of gluten-free things. Mine and my kids fave is my peanut butter chocolate chips cookies. To die for. All my friends and family love them too. :)

  178. Marlena Cook says

    I am just starting out baking GF. At Christmas I tried to make my moms famous tea ring bread, bug couldn’t get the dough to rise. In the end it was a little flat but tasted good.

  179. Jazmin says

    I bake gluten-free things often though sometimes my experiments fail. One of my best recipes is chickpea flour, corn meal, sweet potato bisque, butter, sausage bits, and lots of chili powder and garlic and a dash of cayenne. Spicy Sausage Cornbread. :)

  180. Linda C. says

    I’ve never tried any of these products but would love to – - trying to eat healthier and it’s a challenge !

  181. Vik says

    The first thing we ever made was gluten-free bread for YOU, and I brought it over and we tried it. And while you appreciated the effort, you said: “if you love me, please don’t ever make this again.” HAHAHAHAHAHA. Since then we have had some better successes, nothing truly stellar, so I would love to get more in the GF baking groove! Thanks for featuring this giveaway!

  182. Sandy says

    I have baked gluten free from mixes (absolutely love Bob’s Red Mill sugar cookies) and from scratch. I’ve had some wonderful success and some things that the dog wouldn’t eat.

  183. Linda Boddy says

    I use the Bob’s Red Mill Biscuit mix to make biscuits, pancakes and blueberry scones. I am happy to have found something that reduces her craving for wheat products after my daughter could no longer eat wheat. I am looking forward to learning new recipes and learning to mix and match flours for best results.

  184. Tanya says

    I only bake GF becuase many family members have celiacs. GF cornbread made with brown rice flour comes out more moist than standard cornbread does!

  185. MaryW says

    I have made gluten free corn bread using Bob’s Red Mill gluten free corn meal. It was delicious!

  186. Diane Tolley says

    I have made homemade bread mix in my bread maker. I love it, I love Bob’s mixes. I plan on buying more of Bob’s products since going gluten free in December.

  187. Jordan Bailey says

    I make gluten free cornbread with BRM rice flour and course corn meal and sometimes a little bit of coconut flower. It is really good. Light and buttery!!

  188. Joan says

    Learning about wheat-free and gluten free opportunities is new, with the change in a family member’s diet….I truly appreciate the wisdoms you and others provide. I have succeeded with GF cornbread and crackers, pie crust and a few other things — LOTS more to learn and experiment with!

  189. Jeffrey says

    I’ve made some Gluten Free pizza dough and it tasted okay, I must say it is much better with bread flour!

  190. Kelley says

    I have not tried gluten-free cooking yet, but am interested since my daughter has some as-yet-unnamed sensitivities and is a pasta-holic. I use spelt flour with regular but I want to go 100% specialty and/or gluten-free.

  191. Kathy says

    When I use Bob’s Red Mill my recipes turned out very well, I mostly make cookies or pie crusts. Thank you.

  192. says

    I’ve only baked two things gluten-free… cupcakes (which turned out pretty good, considering I used the only two gluten-free flours we had in the house! Rice flour and oat flour), and a wonderful apple cranberry crisp that was gluten-free because I used almond flour (that was definitely a big success!).

  193. Stephanie says

    I have been gluten free for almost two years and I was just dx celiac this year. GF is hard to master, and i could use this! Thanks!

  194. Anne says

    I find I have to be careful about what flours I use. Amaranth flour is a big no go! Way too bitter and too strong a flavor. But rice and corn make excellent substitutes. And Bob’s Xanthan Gum is a must!!!

  195. Heather says

    I’ve had many GF baking endeavours but am not yet a master of this art/science (it’s both!). I’d love a chance to really work on some new GF recipes with this kit!

  196. Mary M says

    I have been celiac for four years, along with others in my family. It took about a year to be comfortable going out on my own, but now I am confident enough to make about any recipe. Sometimes with the help of internet hints. Most things come out fine. I hate when people say you wouldn’t know it was gluten free, I want them to just say it’s good!

  197. Shelley Crovetto says

    I’ve made gluten free pancakes and muffins, all of which had turned out fabulous. Made a gluten free pizza crust before out of a GF mix, and it was nasty…sweet and doughy, not salty and crispy like pizza should be. I would love to be able to experiment with GF breads and pizza crusts, and to perfect a few to always have in my repertoire!

  198. Jessica says

    I have only baked with almond flour or from a box mix. The box mix did not turn out well at all. :(

  199. Rebecca says

    I recently baked crustless vegan gluten-free pumpkin pie over the holidays and had to make another once it was gone. It is deffinatly the best “pumpkin pie” I have ever had/made!

  200. Katherine D says

    gluten-free oatmeal made with coconut flour instead of contaminated oats!

    katherinedibello (at) gmail (dot) com

  201. Laura says

    I’ve bought gluten free flour and have not used it yet. My fiance just got diagnosed with celiac and we’ve already got our catering and cake set without worrying about gluten. I would like to bake him a groom’s cake that is gluten free. We live at high altitude and have a convection baking microwave so I am scared to bake! HELP ME!

  202. Louise DePino says

    Yes, I have baked GF “goodies”…at first they were horrible, but then I found Bob’s Red Mill and things are getting tastier and tastier! Using the premixed choices makes it even better and tastier.

  203. Tracy Isner says

    I have not made anything gluten-free, but I am going to start.. I love Bob’s Red Mill products.

  204. zosia says

    I have, indeed, baked gluten-free! Just last night, I made gluten-free raisin rice-bran muffins!

    I’d love to win this giveaway, because recently my father discovered that eating gluten-free has improved his health in a few ways…and I’d like to help him!

  205. Sherry Shchaefer says

    I’ve never made anything gluten-free but love baking my own whole grain bread and am tired of just whole wheat and ww/all purpose flour combinations. This would give me a most-welcome chance to forge ahead with new recipes and flavors. I’d also like for my entire family to go gluten-free for at least a week to see if it makes a difference in how we feel. Thanks for fabulous products!

  206. Catherine says

    I have always been an avid baker, but not the gluten free kind! My niece recently had to go dairy and gluten free, and after spending a couple of weeks with her and helping my sister with her gluten free baking and cooking – I learned a lot – and still have a lot to learn!
    I would love to reduce or eliminate gluten in our house too, as I think it would benefit one of my boys. This kit would be a great help in getting started!

  207. emily says

    I first experimented with baking gluten-free last summer. After a month of frustration and a few laughable failures, I gave up. All my favorite, dependable recipes weren’t turning out at all with my GF flour substitutions. So many flours, so much to learn. Now I’m back at it, but working with some pre-blended GF mixes as I slowly learn how to adapt recipes and figure all this out. It feels great to be baking again, but I would love to win this package because I never was able to stock my kitchen with the right balance mix of GF flours. I’m slowly learning the characteristics of each flour, but it’s hard unless you have 6-7 different flours on hand.

  208. Pam says

    My next-door neighbor is g-free. I’d like to win the starter pack and try out some recipes for him!

  209. says

    PS – the cornbread mix is also great, but you can make it a little ‘cornier’ by adding freeze-dried corn powder : ) Bumps it up to phenomenal!

  210. says

    I’ve baked some gluten-free brownies and cookies, but I’m a little afraid to delve into more texture-specific items like cakes, since I’m not that GF experienced. I might just have to fail a few times to get the hang of it…

  211. says

    I have done quite a bit of gluten-free baking over the last year, and I usually use Bob’s mixes (the pancakes and choc chip cookies are amazing!!) or I replace the flour any other baking recipe with GF flour mix with a bit of xantham gum. I’ve had a lot of success – some other mixes I’ve tried have flopped, but Bob’s always comes through for me!

  212. Sarah says

    I’ve been baking exclusively gluten-free for over 8 years. Very rarely something comes out a bit wonky, but then I modify the recipe a bit and its all god the next time. I’ve done everything from breads to cakes to brownies – my chocolate cake the is favorite of our non-GF extended family.

  213. Danell says

    I have been gluten free for 20 months and feel much, much better!! My first gluten free baking experience was horrific and the outcome was edible, but gritty. I now make my own gluten free bread and other goodies instead of purchasing from the grocery store. Bobs Red Mill is the only baking products I use!! Great brand!!

  214. Torri says

    Yes! I bake GF almost every day- slightly more fickle than traditional baking but totally worth it when you get it right!

  215. says

    I have made GF brownies and GF cake. The bobs red mill GF corn bread is to die for.. Just whip up some honey butter and your in Foodie Heaven!!!!! I want to make my own GF pizza crust. Soooo I think the set would help me to actually complete that goal!!

  216. says

    I’ve been having increasing stomach and digestive problems for a long time. A few weeks ago I “accidently” (without purposefully planning it) went gluten free by eating mostly fruits, veggies and whole grains and skipping any refined wheat flour products whatsoever. I felt better and then when my husband went out and had soup and a sandwich, the pain and discomfort was back and worse than ever. I had never considered gluten as being a problem for me. But now I’m thinking removing gluten from my diet is a valid thing to investigate. This kit would be an awesome way to start. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  217. Ann says

    I have never baked anything gluten-free yet. I have some gluten-free cornbread mix from Bob’s Red Mill that I have yet to try.

  218. Ann True says

    my gf made the top of wedding cake gluten free so we could do the traditional wedding cake smashing… it was good

  219. Sherry A. says

    I’ve never made a gluten free baked goods.
    I have used other products from Bob’s. Love the soups and breakfast cereal!

  220. Nancy Thiessen says

    I just made gluten-free pancakes for my grandchildren and they loved them. I don’t personally know what they tasted like cuz I had regular pancakes.

  221. Melanie says

    I’ve made many things GF, some paleo w almond flour, coconut flour, or w Bob’s regular GF mix.

  222. Emily says

    I’ve made baked spaghetti with gluten free quinoa pasta, it was AMAZING! I’d like to make my own fresh version of Ezekiel bread so I don’t have to keep buying it frozen at the store.

  223. Kimberly E. says

    I have been gluten free for 6 + years! I have baked many things, and had successes and flops. Here is my favorite Banana Bread recipe using Bobs flours!

    Gluten free Banana Bread
    (Adapted from this recipe


    4 small or 3 medium mashed ripe bananas
    2 large eggs, beaten
    1/4 cup oil or melted butter / margarine
    1/2 cup brown sugar OR 1/4 cup truvia baking blend
    1/2 cup brown rice flour
    1/2 cup sorghum flour
    1/2 cup tapioca starch or potato starch (not potato flour)
    1 tablespoon rice bran
    2 teaspoons baking powder
    3/4 teaspoon xanthan gum
    1/2 teaspoon baking soda
    1/2 teaspoon salt
    2 teaspoons vanilla extract
    1 teaspoon ground cinnamon
    1 cup chopped walnuts


    Preheat the oven to 350ºF. Grease and line a 9-inch loaf pan with a piece of parchment paper.

    Mash bananas. Combine the mashed bananas with the eggs, oil and sugar till combined. Add flours and other dry ingredients and beat. Fold in the walnuts.

    Pour batter into prepared loaf pan and smooth out top with wet fingers. Bake in preheated oven for 1 hour to 1 hour and 15 minutes. A wooden skewer should come out of the center clean. The bread may need to be tented with foil to prevent over browning.

  224. Rebecca says

    The most gluten-free baking I’ve done is with oats and oat flour. I would like to branch out into other gluten-free flours, though – I have several friends and family members with gluten allergies, and I would love to be able to share the baking love with them!

  225. Staci says

    I have used several Bob’s Red Mill GF products. Have made cornbread, pizza, and bread. Looking forward to experimenting further with more recipes.

  226. Christi Michaels says

    Made some gluten free & vegan cornbread this week that went great with my ham and bean soup- used bob’s corn flour and ap mix

  227. Julie says

    I have recently made the decision to go gluten-free, and may be looking at a major overhaul due to hypothyroidism. This is the perfect starter kit! Thanks for doing what you do. Can’t wait to explore your blog.

  228. Melissa says

    I have done quite a bit of gluten-free baking since we went gluten free the end of July. Some things have turned out well, others have not. I’m always looking for new recipes to try.

  229. Mindy says

    My mom makes a traditional Carpathian noodle dish for family holidays. It’s a very plain, drop noodles, cabbage and onions…the recipe’s not written down, it’s all by “feel” and I was still learning the “feel” and making it as Mom’s apprentice when I discovered the need to go gluten free. There are so many wonderful gluten free products out there I don’t feel like I’m missing anything but on my first gluten free Christmas I seriously considered falling off the wagon, putting up with the sickness just to eat my fav comfort food. My mom said if I brought the alternative flour we could try it. So, my first all by myself attempt at Haluski was made gluten free and it worked!!! I was SOOO excited!!! It’s really true. You can be gluten free and enjoy EVERYTHING you did before!

  230. jill says

    When I bake gluten free and follow a recipe, I do fine. But when I try to change a non-gluten free recipe to gluten free, it doesn’t always work out so well. I’m a new follower and looking forward to your posts.

  231. Kimberly says

    I did recently bake almond flour GF brownies which would have turned out better if I’d used sugar instead of stevia and I also made GF Southern Biscuits with almond flour that are super yummy! I’m just starting out on the GF journey so would love this prize!

  232. Penny Harper says

    My daughter was just diagnosed with a gluten sensitivity, and Bob’s Red Mill was the first place I turned. Haven’t baked anything yet but that’s my plan for this weekend.

  233. says

    Three years gluten-free and baking is finally getting ‘normal’ again! It’s all about the scale and precise measurements of Bob’s Red Mill flours!! My first loaves of bread were pitiful with sunken tops. After many different recipes and adaptations, I think I finally have it figured out. I can now bake a traditional looking loaf. It’s been a long road, but I’m ready to venture into some other baking areas now. Would LOVE to win these products and scale. Thanks for the generous support of the GF community!!

  234. Darcy Goyette says

    I now Follow Recipe Renovator, Gluten-Free Doctor, and Bob’s Red Mill on Twitter @cnagirl20

  235. Patty Cramer says

    Yes many things. Just last night I made gf garlic sesame chicken. Turned out great! My son has celiacs disease so it’s a must in our house. Also made some Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies last week that were fabulous. Gf oats and some of Bobs red mill gf baking mix and presto gf cookies. Yum!

  236. Darcy Goyette says

    I now Follow Recipe Renovator, Gluten-Free Doctor, and Bob’s Red Mill on Facebook. my user name is Darcy Jo Goyette

  237. Renee says

    Following all on Facebook. I make a lot of meals that are gluten free. Just tried chocolate chip cookies and hummus the other day. They came out pretty good.

  238. Jessie says

    Gluten Free Southwestern Style Spaghetti Squash was one of my favorites! I’ve also made gf snickerdoodles with white chocolate centers, gf chicken pesto pizza, asparagus parmesean risotto, gf red wine roast, gf chicken in white wine sauce with veggies over wild rice, gf beef stew, gf buffalo chicken wraps (rice tortillas are my favorite), gf lasagna rolls ups, gf shrip and grits, gf chicken pot pie pockets, and everything was delicious.

  239. Darcy Goyette says

    We switched over to gluten dairy free Wed night before thanksgiving and I am still learning. My girls love when I make gluten dairy free pancakes where I mix my flours to make my gluten free flour. I have also found we love Bob’s Red Mill cake mix. We have made many things that were don’t do it again and we have made things that we just love.

  240. Amber Lewin says

    Yes I have baked Gluten Free!! Just started a gluten free lifestyle about a month ago and I feel so much better being Gluten Free!! Almost everything I have made as turned out!!

  241. Brenda says

    My daughter makes an energy bar that is out of this world! Of course you can’t miss with coconut and almond flours… :)

  242. Nikki says

    No, I haven’t made anything GF. I have worked in the grocery industry for almost 20 years, so I know the Bob’s Red Mill name! I have been buying the ground flaxseed meal for my breakfast smoothies and various dishes. I have recently learned about cooking and baking GF from a neighbor who has celiac disease. I’m seriously considering making a GF life style change!

  243. Destiny says

    My family and I recently went gluten and dairy free so I’ve been making tons of new recipes. Our favorite so far is a gluten free pumpkin bread. Yummy!!

  244. Kelsey says

    Bake gluten-free all the time! Bob’s is a life saver with their new gluten-free oat flour. If you haven’t tried this already, gluten free oat banana bread. I have heard from countless people it is better than regular banana bread! It adds a fantastic undertone of warm, almost nutty oat flavor to the bananas and cinnamon flavor. Made with raw sugar to add a little bit of that browned caramel-y (totally almost a legit word, promise!) taste it is a great beginners gluten-free baking favorite!

  245. Mary Anderson says

    I haven’t actually baked anything simply because I don’t have all the ingredients for baking.

  246. Chelsea b says

    Made Bob’s GF brownies last night, should have cooked them a bit longer but otherwise they are delicious!

  247. says

    I have a fabulous GF Sugar Cookie recipe that somebody passed on to me and I’ve shared with many people who in turn LOVE it as well. Including several professional cookie artisans. :)

  248. says

    I have baked the most amazing GF, vegan oatmeal choc-chip cookies!! They’re a staple whenever I help out for a bake sale and many other family/freinds events where there are various that follow a GF diet. I’ve also baked some wonderful red-velvet that stole the show as well!

  249. elizabeth says

    I have made gf and diary free bread, regular and sweet with great results! i used the flours in this giveaway haven’t used the premixed stuff cause i heard bad reviews. i even made gf and dairy free apple muffins..soooo good! pancakes with buckwheat, awesome!
    i liked all pages and I shared it on facebook :D (im not sure how to get entries..i don’t do these giveaways but this one i couldnt pass up! :D

  250. j. o. miller says

    So far, my gluten free cooking has been hit or miss. At first, I tried straight-replacements, but found that actually working from recipes intentionally developed to be gluten free are the best.

  251. Stefanie Hale says

    I bake a lot for my son who has celiac. It’s getting easier and easier but it’s always a work in progress.

  252. Aline says

    I’ve made Gluten-Free before with great results. Mostly using Bob’s Red Mill All-Purpose Gluten-Free Flour.

  253. Audra says

    The only successful item I have baked is Bob’s gluten free pizza crust mix because it is a no brainer in a bag. I added herbs and garlic to it and it was yummy. I tried baking molasses GF cookies and they were not good! Too dense or something. So I just bought a bag of Bob’s GF four and it referenced Xanthum, but I haven’t had time yet to try this out.

  254. Liza says

    My first GF bread attempts were useable as door stops. I found out the recipe I converted needed more fluids…and they worked best at ROOM temperature too! After 6 years GF, I can handle most anything!

  255. Tiffany M says

    I make gluten free stuff all the time since going GF. I love to bake and I really enjoy adapting my recipes to be GF. My favorite thing to make right now is GF muffins. My last batch was double chocolate chip. And they were great!

  256. Tammy Clark says

    No never…….. I just decided this week to put my son on a gluten free diet, to see if it helps with his years of pains and no real answers from the doctor………I am new and excited to start learning :)

  257. Rachel says

    I made gluten free pizza crust. It is a little bit chewy, but pretty good! I think I could have rolled it out thinner to make it less chewy.

  258. amanda says

    I make gluten free and grain free foods all of the time. My toddler is GF! Usually everything tastes great and you can not even tell the difference.

  259. Shannon says

    Once a year I bake a GF birthday cake for some friends of ours little girl who’s diet requires it. She loves the cakes that I bake for her.

  260. Jenn says

    I made Bob’s Red Mill GF Homemade Wonderful Bread Mix the old fashion way because my bread machine is broken. I have to say, it came out better! I will make it by hand from now on!

  261. Brenda Y. says

    Trying to keep my teenage daughter healthy and happy with tasty & nutritional foods :) This is a great kit!

  262. says

    I haven’t made anything gluten free yet but with the medical problems I have been experiencing I think it will be my doctors next recommendation
    savingugreen at gmail dot com

  263. Stacy says

    I have made gummy GF pizza, but perfect GF cornbread and banana bread. I think the pizza crust is the holy grail of GF living..would love to learn how to get it right!

    • Audra says

      Oh me too Stacy…love the GF pizza crust. I am going to try the banana bread. Thanks for listing this.

  264. Eric Tabone says

    My wife and I baked gluten-free brownies just last week. They were honestly the best brownies we’ve ever had. I don’t know if we over-compensated with butter or what, but they were amazing.

  265. Joyce says

    My first gf baking was lousy. That was 7 years ago. It is better now with more variety from Bob’s. I would love this set!

  266. Aimee Pratt says

    I have baked several things gluten-free and had both good and terrible results. Good- pumpkin bread. Bad- donuts (flat and crumbly, ewww)

  267. Tiffany says

    My favourite is gluten-free sandwich bread using Bob’s Red Mill brown rice flour. The texture is a little more dense than regular wheat bread, but it slices wonderfully and awesome for toasted open faced sandwiches. I make a loaf once a week, let it cool, slice, then I freeze it in a large ziplock bag!

  268. Kathy says

    I recently bought a bunch of Bob’s flours at the Gluten Free 25% off sale at our local Sprouts store. My oldest son and I have Celiac disease, and we both have wanted soft warm pretzels for a long time. So I whipped up a batch of 12, and they were fantastic! I used the brown, white, tapioca, xanthum gum baking flours along with the rest of the ingredients. Truly delicious. We have the pre-mixed Bob’s gf flour, but when you can use your own variety for more complicated recipes, it’s fabulous!

  269. says

    I’ve been gluten free for years now, so yes, I’ve attempted GF baking on a number of occasions. Some of them have been completely disastrous, others have been pretty great, and I’m pretty sure I could fill in the entire spectrum in between, too.

  270. Shari H says

    I already follow Bob’s Red Mill on FB – which is how I just found your site, so I have now signed up to follow you on FB as well.

  271. Shari H says

    Everything I bake is gluten-free. I have had good luck with quick breads and muffins, and with cookies that are naturally gluten-free (flourless recipes), but would love to have this package to experiment more. At this point I’ve only used the pre-mixed multipurpose g-free flours, not the individual flours.

  272. Jess says

    I love to make GF biscuits with Pre-made baking mixes. Haven’t tried combining my own flours. Yet!

  273. Beth says

    I bake GF bread often, and it comes out great. The recipe is from Artisanal Gluten Free Cooking by the Bronskis, but I modify the flours called for a bit, depending on what I can find in the store. I mostly use Bob’s Red Mill, too!

  274. Claudia says

    I haven’t done any gluten-free baking, yet, but I’m looking forward to baking gluten-free.

  275. Keri says

    Follow all three on Facebook, just signed up for newsletter and just got a bread machine for Christmas and am looking forward to gluten free baking!!

  276. Charlotte Cecilia says

    I made gluten free pound cake, it came out too dry :( and I made several recipes gluten free pasta. Made a lot of flops and got one winning recipe that my family and friends love.
    I baked chocolate cookies, turned out great. I sent them to my sister at Florida and she loved them. The gluten free sugar cookies were yummy too, little bit brittle though.

  277. says

    I have been baking GF for three years now for myself, my two daughters and now my husband. I have made many things successfully using a variety of gluten flours, my favorite being almond meal flour. One of our favorite crackers is made using almond meal flour, fresh grated cheese, salt and an egg white. A simple, GF cheeze-it!

  278. Barby says

    I made a vegan pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving with a gluten-free pie crust, using your mix. Everyone thought it turned out quite yummy!

  279. Viyada Schultz says

    Yes, I made banana bread using a mixture of 5 different non-wheat flours. For the most part, it came out well. It’s a little more “crumbly” than using wheat flour but my son loved it nevertheless.

  280. Sharon says

    I have been gluten (actually wheat) free for 8 years. Compound that with egg-free and you have a baking disaster just waiting to happen. Most of my breads fall because I can not seem to master the correct amount liquid to add.

  281. GiGi says

    I have baked many things gluten-free, but always with a GF “AP” flour mix. I have never invested in blending my own flours, so this would be a very exciting giveaway for me to win. thank you!

  282. Teisha Coyour says

    I’ve have baked a couple of things gluten free, Id say that about 80% of them did not turn out so I’ve given up hope. Now I mostly make baked goods out of a box if I do at all. :( I was quite the baker before, I even make my own pizza crust and bread before I was un-glutenized. I also liked all 3 facebook pages.

  283. Athena Ettlinger says

    I use your almond flour to make gluten-free chocolate chip cookies. They always turn out AWESOME! My husband often asks me to make them! I would love to experiment with these products! Thanks for the opportunity!!

  284. Marc says

    Have only dabbled in gluten-free cooking, but made a tremendous chocolate cake for my daughter’s last birthday to accommodate her gluten-sensitive friend.

  285. Erin Bloom says

    I have not tried gluten-free cooking. I have wanted to for so long, but I admit I am afraid. Mostly because I have heard horror stories of things tasting badly or coming out hard and uneatible. I try to make things that are healthy for my family and would love to become a gluten-free cooking pro!

  286. Kevyne says

    I never baked much when I wasn’t gluten free so you can imagine the fear that grips me when I think about trying gluten free. But I’m always willing to try. I look to this to help.

  287. megan says

    Yes! I am only just beginning my foray into the gluten free world and what I love most is all the intriguing flours, flakes and meals that each have their own individual quirks, distinctions and flavours! Baking has become an intriguing challenge to say the least!

  288. Kim Sadowski says

    Every family holiday gathering, I wish I knew how to bake gluten-free goodies, because I have little cousins who are gluten-intolerant. Winning this would help me bring something to the party that they can enjoy as well.

  289. Christopher Sorel says

    my favorite gluten free is to use almond meal for the crust in quiche and trying other recipes. Also cauliflower rice is tasty. The GF mixes out there give me some trouble and find Almond and coconut flour treat me right

  290. Judy says

    I have just now started eating gluten free, so I have not been able to bake or cook gluten free yet. This is a brand new journey for me in my life at the age of 57, but I am looking forward to seeing how much better I will feel by eating gluten free !

  291. melanie says

    Ive started baking gluten free a few months ago from cakes to cookies. And even though IM trained to cook the “old fashioned way” it was a different process to bind ingredients that fascinates has all turned AWESOME!!!!! I have only used the garbanzo bean flour..would love to try these ones.

  292. Sue says

    I have tried many of your products and love them. Decided to go gluten free this year since I seem to be intolerant! I have liked Gluten Free Doctor and follow your blog! I will share with my friends! Thank you!

  293. Christopher Sorel says

    been moving to gluten free and looking for good mixes is hard Love Bob Red Mill and follow them on FB

  294. Sara says

    I tried to bake a GF banana bread with coconut flour….it was very crumbly but tasted great! I need to find the right combination of flours

  295. Elise Burton says

    I love to bake and have a few friends that can only eat gluten free. I’ve been wanting to learn for a while now. This would be a perfect way to start.

  296. Michele Brentano says

    I love baking gluten free! Bob’s products have made GF baking so much easier! From the almond flour to the xanthan gum, you can’t go wrong! Thank you Bob’s Redmill for helping those of us who just can’t stomach the wheat flour!

  297. Leslie says

    I have not tried any gluten-free recpies yet. But I will very soon! I’m hoping to making some gluten-free bed or brownies by the end of the month so this prize would be super helpful …

  298. Tammy Harnish says

    I have finally accepted being gluten free and my first recipe was Bob’s Red Mill pizza crust mix, which was delicious and made me see that gluten free doesn’t have to mean taste free! I have since tried home made dumplings from an online recipe (using your products) and they were as good as the real thing!!

  299. Jessica says

    I have been baking gluten free for almost a year. Some things turn out great, my favorite was baking pumpkin muffins in the fall. Other recipes I still need help with, it is harder to substitute ingredients when baking gluten free, so I try to find recipes where I don’t have to substitute anything!

  300. says

    I have baked gluten free using rolled oats that I put through the processor to make a more flour like consistency. Also have used rice flour. It is trial and error and you have to understand that nothing will be exactly like using wheat products. It can be delicious though.

  301. christine ahmed says

    Have you ever baked anything gluten-free? How did it come out? I have not yet tried baking anything gluteen free from stratch but i do bake some from the box. and it has comed out fine. i am wanting to try my hand at baking some stuff from stratch. we are planning on making gluten free pizza this week or next

  302. Pam says

    I have baked several gluten free items, with varying success. I made some gingerbread cupcakes for a Zumba class last year, along with some regular ones, and everyone liked the gluten free best, even the non-gluten-sensitive people. I also baked gluten free treats for my dogs this Christmas, rather than buying the expensive grain-free ones that are hard to find in the store.

  303. Denise M says

    i bake gluten free all the time. Mostly it turns out alright if i follow a recipe exactly although i do have issues with items being a little too crispy or crumbly. I miss the chewy cookies

  304. says

    I made gluten-free christmas cookies and they turned out great! I was nervous, but everything worked out and they tasted really good!

  305. Arlene says

    I attempted to make gluten-free pancakes once and they were not received very well by my family. They turned out chewy and excessively dense!

    • Jill Russell says

      Yes! I’ve made chocolate chip bars with brown rice flour and garbonzo bean flour…they are delicious!

  306. Glenda Gonzalez says

    I have never made anything gluten free, but always wanted to try….this would be great to win….