Reader sweepstakes: Mandoline slicer and fresh produce from Melissa’s


Reader sweepstakes from Recipe Renovator: Melissa's Produce and MandolineI traded in some blog freebies I got for store credit and bought this terrific OXO slicer to give away to one of you. I have a mandoline slicer and it’s a wonderful kitchen tool. My friends from Melissa’s Produce are going to provide a wonderful box of fresh produce shipped straight to the winner too! SWEEPSTAKES IS NOW CLOSED.

The giveaway includes:

  • OXO mandoline slicer
  • One box of Melissa’s Produce, including Blood Oranges, Cara Cara Oranges, Key Limes, Seedless Lemons, Jicama, Mini Cucumbers, Bell Peppers, and Red & Sweet Onions

Here is this week’s question:
What’s the first thing you would make with the slicer and this assortment of produce?

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  • Prize description: OXO mandoline slicer, assorted fruit and vegetable box, retail value of $89.99.

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Here’s the slicer if you want to check it out:


  1. Pam says

    The first thing I would make with those items would be a lovely salad with the vegetables, oranges (all sliced thin or julienned with the mandoline) and a nice spring mix, with a mixed citrus vinaigrette, and a sorbet from the blood oranges for dessert. If there was enough citrus left over, I’d make a sangria or citrus iced tea to drink with it. I’m salivating just thinking about it.

  2. Jennifer Johnson says

    What’s the first thing you would make with the slicer and this assortment of produce?
    Using the new OXO mandoline slicer of course, I would make the following: with the blood oranges, Jicama, Mini Cucumbers, Bell Peppers, and Red & Sweet Onions I would add to some bbib letuce for a salad. I would make a vinegarette with the Lemons , and eat the Cara Cara Oranges as a snack. I woulduse the Limes in my water. YUMMO this is so exciting. Thank you for the chance.

  3. Brett says

    beat chips – I still have a nice bunch of golden beats that would be great as a garnish for a grass fed steak.

  4. jacquie says

    i would slice up the veggies and use them in a veggie saute. and perhaps slice up some of those limes and lemons to add to a nice bread or cake to go w/ it.

  5. Khanh says

    I would use the mandoline slicer to slice up the jicama and eat it raw with a tiny bit of salt and lots of chili paste (that’s how my Vietnamese mother taught me to eat it growing up!)

  6. says

    I would immediately make lotus root chips with the mandolin and bake the citrus fruit- I’ll take any excuse to use the oven during the winter!

  7. ml says

    A nice winter root veggie gratin, amongst so many other things…I have wanted a mandoline for so long!

  8. Rachel says

    I do follow Recipe Renovator on Facebook and subscribe to your newsletter. I love using fancy items for recipes, such a a mandoline, as it turns anything simple into something extraordinary.

  9. says

    I would make a potato & veggie gratin first of all. I’ve had many a mandoline slicer, but none of them seem to work right. Hoping for one that works and suits my needs.

  10. says

    The first thing I would make would be Scalloped Potatoes, we love them a lot. Then I would use the lemons in a Chicken dish to go with the scalloped potatoes and then decorate the plate with the oranges.

  11. Elizabeth says

    Awesome giveaway! I would go for the onions straightaway and caramelize them for an onion-gruyere tart. I’ve been craving it for weeks now!

  12. Marielle Counts says

    First, I would thinly slice the jicama with the mandolin and make dehydrated jicama chips! I would probably not be able to stop myself from inhaling the oranges by themselves before that, though. 😉

  13. says

    I got a dehydrator for Christmas, so I would use the mandoline and the veggies to make veggie chips. The citrus would be used to make the Citrus Glitter Bars from “Vegan Cookies Invade Your Cookie Jar” by Moskowitz & Romero, my most popular holiday desert (I’d love to make some for just me!)

  14. Tricia says

    Using the assortment of produce shown as a base, I’d make a tangy winter gazpacho, garnished with ultra thin slices of citrus, bell peppers, and fresh cilantro.

  15. Debra Schmidt says

    I would make a citrus salsa with all the ingredients and
    A Sangria with tbc extra citrus. The mandoline would
    Make a beautiful sangria with thinly sliced fruit!

  16. Sue Hegle says

    I got a new dehydrator for christmas, so I would be slicing the produce up and dehydrating away!!!

  17. Cordelia says

    I would make a mixed citrus marmalade, then julienne the veggies to add to a southwestern style quinoa salad. Yum!

  18. Jeffrey says

    I would make a nice fruity drink with water, the oranges, lemons, limes and cucumbers. It would be great poolside but with the weather right now it will have to be fireside!

  19. says

    Recently saw this slicer used on a cooking show. I’m craving veggies so anything like a cucumber mandoline-sliced salad would do the trick!

  20. says

    oooh, I would love a mandoline. It is one of the few kitchen tools I’ve desired but not fulfilled.
    The blood oranges would be turning into a curd with candied peels for tiny Valentine day tarts.
    Cara Cara orange and lemons into marmelade
    Key Limes just shout out for a pie, but I’d candy the peels too since I can get them so finely sliced.
    Confit the onions, separately I think so I can make a yin-yang plate.
    Jicama and bell peppers would make an amazing salad, Might need to add in a sweet potato for the salad, I love jicama and sweet potato salad. Oh and some cilantro
    Finally the mini cucumbers would be turned into tzatziki with some garlic from my CSA. My girls will eat bowlfuls of that .

  21. Stacy says

    Hi Stephanie! The first things that come to my mind for using the mandolin and produce are making marmolades with the citrus, making veggie fajitas with the peppers and onions, and making a cucumber salad. I’ve never actually used jicama, but I know I would find out how to use it!

  22. says

    Wow Stephanie, you must have been reading my mind! I’ve been dreaming of blood oranges for cocktails for the last few days, so clearly I’d love to win that box of produce! Hubby and I were JUST talking about how nice a mandoline would be, I’ve come across a lot of recipes lately that would be a lot easier to accomplish if I had one to work with. I’ve been wanting to make shaved veggie salad.

  23. Carrie says

    With these ingredients and a mandoline I would definitely make a shaved citrus salad with a cilantro and lime dressing!