Salsa Rice

by Stephanie Weaver on April 12, 2011

Salsa riceHave you ever bought fresh salsa and then been disappointed by its watery wimpiness? Have no fear… it’s perfect to make salsa rice.

This photo is of my last batch of salsa rice, after I was seduced into buying a delicious-looking container of mango-pineapple salsa. The salsa was, shall we say, made from unripe fruit, and I was not enjoying it with my chips. Then I remembered salsa rice, and voila!

Salsa Rice
Makes 6 1/2 C. servings

1 C. (225 g) brown rice
1 C. (250 ml) watery, disappointing fresh salsa
1 C. (250 ml) filtered water, or to fill out the cup*

Put the rice into a saucepan that has a lid, rinse well, and drain the water out.

Drain the salsa into a measuring cup, pressing down with a fork or spoon to get most of the liquid out. Add enough filtered water to equal two cups and add to the rice, along with the salsa solids. Stir to combine.

Put on the lid. Bring to a boil (about five minutes on the stove on medium-high heat), and then turn it down until it is simmering with a few bubbles. Do not stir. Put the lid back on and set the timer for 40 minutes.

When the timer goes off, turn off the heat and let sit at least five minutes, leaving the lid on. Now take the lid off and fluff with a fork.

Congratulate yourself on what a delicious dish you just made.

Note to my readers in the metric world: I am still learning the conversions. In the U.S., we use the same dry cup measure for rice as we would for water. It is a 2:1 ratio of liquid to rice. Feel free to set me straight in the comments!

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