Reader sweepstakes: The Bengali Five Spice Chronicles and Spicely giveaway

Bengali Five Spice Chronicles giveway

If you love Indian food as much as I do, this cookbook is for you! The dishes are rich, complex, and take you on a journey far, far, away. (Unless you live in India, West Bengal, or Bangladesh.) Every recipe I have tried has been absolutely delicious, and the author tells wonderful stories about the […]

Beet-potato-carrot salad with pickles and capers

Potato-beet-carrot-pickle salad

This hearty dish is an interesting answer to the question, “What is a salad?” It hails from the Ukraine and Russia, known there as venegret. Sturdy root vegetables are boiled, then combined with oil, onion, and sour pickles and served cold or room temperature.

Smoky butternut squash soup

Butternut Squash Soup with Crispy Sage Leaves

I love autumn, because it’s when squash starts showing up at the markets. And butternut squash is a comfort food from way back, when my mom used to buy the frozen blocks of it, then serve it with salt, pepper, and a pool of melty margarine.