Farmer’s Market chilled tomato-basil soup

Chilled Tomato-Pepper-Basil Soup from Recipe Renovator | Raw, vegan, gluten-free

Summer in a bowl. Our Farmer’s Market is on Thursday afternoons, so I might head out today and choose some fat organic tomatoes, a bell pepper, and a bunch of fragrant basil to make this tomato-basil soup in a few minutes.

Spaghetti alla puttanesca, and an anniversary story

Pasta Alla Puttanesca, vegan and gluten-free

Fifteen years ago this week, my sweetie came over for dinner. We had met four months before, seen each other a few times, but hadn’t clicked. I called and invited him for dinner. He asked what he could bring. I told him a can of sliced black olives, the only ingredient I was missing for […]

Taste of the Hawai’ian Range | Spicy bloody mary mix

Spicy Bloody Mary Mix

A few weeks ago our trip to the Big Island of Hawai’i happened to coincide with a local food event: Mealani’s Taste of the Hawai’ian Range. A special thanks to Fern Gavelek and Mealani’s Taste of the Range/Hilton Waikaloa Village for hosting us. We got a fantastic overview of the eco-friendly movement happening on the […]