Twenty Terrific Low-Sodium Condiments

Twenty Terrific Low-Sodium CondimentsOn a low-sodium diet and missing your ketchup, mustard, and relish? Did you know you can make them at home, easily, and have all those great flavors back in your life and still maintain your low-sodium diet?

These recipes for 20 condiments, sauces, salsas, and staples, will help you create your own salt-free versions of barbecue sauce, egg-free mayo, hot sauce and Sriracha, margarine, Thai curry paste, four different salad dressings, and four special sauces. All recipes are also gluten-free and vegetarian (a few contain honey but no other animal products).

50 pages

Complete with an ingredient list explaining which ingredients you need and why. All recipes are brand-new, formulated to fit low-sodium diets (under 140 mg/serving, all are under 50 mg/serving).

In printable full-color PDF format, on Kindle, and multi-touch for iPad. All $4.99.